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The World’s Smartest and Best Keyboard App for Android

With only six buttons, Fast Type makes typing "hello" ... simply amazing! How? Our super intuitive smart keyboard assigns the (five) vowels their own keys and places all the consonants (yes, all 21 of them) on a single key. This is a modern keyboard app specifically designed for mobile devices and functions across all messaging apps on Android smartphones and tablets. The clean user interface makes it the best way to type on the go, it has amazing predictive technology, gesture navigation, emojis and more!


Behind the simple user interface we use machine learning and semantic algorithms that learn how you type. This way the prediction engine will always suggest the words you want when you want them. Deep thought and effort went into designing a new mobile keyboard that is understandable, innovative and useful.


With Gesture Navigation we simplified the user experience by getting rid of a bunch of buttons. For caps swipe up on the keyboard, for caps lock swipe up twice. For numbers and symbols swipe left or right on the keyboard. Swipe left or right again to return to the main view. Fast Type will be your best keyboard app for Android as it will make it quicker than ever to send out a tweet, text or jot down that idea you have.


Emojis are faster ways to express our feelings so we made them just one tap away. It includes all your favorite emojis for your android device imgEmojis

Multi Language keyboard app support, both English and Spanish are the languages Fast Type is available in. We need your help to keep creating the most innovative and best keyboard app for Android anyone has ever used. Help us spread the word on your favorite social network using the hashtag #FastType so we can add more languages soon!



We researched every keyboard ever made to further understand our problem. We read several academic papers on human linguistics to get to the core of the solution. Our goal is to create products that are both functional and beautiful.

After creating 100's of designs the eureka moment arrived. What if we grouped all the consonants together? What if we made a smart keyboard app that you could type with only 6 buttons?

Reducing the keyboard to only 6 buttons presented many challenges. Specifically certain combinations of vowels and consonants returned dozens of word options. After many months of hard work our engineers nailed the Prediction Engine within Fast Type for Android. Behind the simple user interface we use machine learning and semantic algorithms that learn how you type. This way our keyboard app will always suggest the words you want when you want them.

Fast Type


Jonathan Ascencio
"Awesome and fast. I love this app, once you get the hang of it you will fly with it. I understand it still has some work to be done but I am in love with this so far."
Dannis Laan
"Good app. This app permits me to type very fast in English. I hope you guys will add other languages soon such as Dutch."
Mathew Locoteta
"Good. Needs more work and configurations but the concept is awesome."
David du Preez
"Great concept, Awesome in practice. This works with my Xperia Z1. I'm fast typing this review. You have got to try typing in fullscreen it is amazing!"


We've yet to see any ground-breaking keyboards that have, or will change the way we look at typing on a mobile device. Or so we thought, until we saw Fast Type

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Try the Free version of Fast Type and the rest is history

Works in English and Spanish. More languages coming soon

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